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About us

Our Mission

To provide the highest "Quality" service and on time Delivery Safely at competitive Cost. Safety at work and on the road is our priority. There are five terms below.

Code of Conduct

Coast Xpress mission includes promotion of professional conduct in the work place of all employees, officers, and board members throughout the Company. One of our values is that all employees are held to the highest standards of veracity. We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings, starting with how we treat each other. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal conduct ensures that Coast Xpress will be there to deliver your future. Coast Xpress employees, officers and board members hold an important and elevated role. This Code provides principles to which Coast Xpress' employees, officers, and board members are expected to adhere and advocate. They embody rules regarding individual and peer responsibilities, as well as responsibilities to other employees, the public and other shareholders. Employees, officers, and board members are expected to abide by this Code as well as any other applicable Coast Xpress policy or guideline in the employee handbook relating to the areas covered by this Code.


Technology plays a major role at Coast Xpress, from equipment monitoring/tracking to information systems, to customer service. Our goal is to drive costs down and efficiency levels up.

GPS Tracking

GPS information from our tractors and trailers allow us to track your loads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our dispatchers help drivers make the best load decisions. We plan their trips for the most efficient route and most economical fuel stops. Through this partnering we are better able to optimize our drivers' time and equipment utilization.


To insure this quality, we inspect our trucks as they enter our facility. All of the lights on the truck and trailer are inspected to verify that they illuminate and function properly. The tires are checked to insure they are within depth guidelines and meet all DOT tire regulations. The brakes are also inspected to insure they are in proper working order. Finally, the truck and trailer are visually inspected for any structural defects and hazards. By performing these inspections/checks we help minimize unwanted road side breakdown but more importantly though, we assure our trucks are safe to share the roads with you and your family.

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